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sysSpec: Attachments – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management sysSpec: Attachments – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management

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sysSpec: Attachments

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Attachments contain all the attached files

                            * Received from mails

                            * Stored by users and so on.

The files may be of any format. This schema contains a path of a file that is stored in a server. We have a separate folder to store attachments. These attachments are per company ID. Each company contains separate folders for their file storage.


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Object Label
Object Type   Table.FieldName Data Type Related Utility Table Notes
===== ===== =========== ====================== ============= ======================== ===== ====================== =====================================
 1 Attachments#  ID  Attachments.ID nvarchar(150) This is the unique primary key.
 CompanyID  Attachments.CompanyID Int
 AttachmentSourceType  Attachments.AttachmentSourceType nvarchar(50) This is the source of attahcments. ie, this attachement is from customers or vendors or jobs?
 AttachmentSourceID  Attachments.AttachmentSourceID nvarchar(150) This is the source ID
 AttachmentPath  Attachments.AttachmentPath nvarchar(-1) Path in which the files are stored in server.
 AttachmentDate  Attachments.AttachmentDate Datetime This is the date when the attachment is saved
 JobMailUIDL  Attachments.JobMailUIDL nvarchar(400) This fields stores the mailid from which the attachment fetched.
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