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screenSpec: Reports – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management screenSpec: Reports – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management

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screenSpec: Reports

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  • On the Reports ‘Report Period’ drop down list make these changes:
    • Add ALL to the list under the Custom option. When selected the date range will be set to: 1/1/1900 and 12/31/2099
    • Remove these options:
      • This Week
      • This Week to date
      • Last Week
      • Last Week to date
      • Last Month to date
      • Last Year to date
      • Since 60 days ago
    • Change the label on these:
      • Since 30 Days Ago    change to:  Last 30 Days   (This will allow the report to dynamically show the last 30 days.  For instance, if user saves a report and selects Last 30 days.  Each time the report is run it will use Date – 30 as the from date, and Date as the To Date.
      • Since 90 Days Ago    change to:  Last 90 Days  (Same dynamic range as above)
    • Add these ranges:
      • All   (Put this one right below the Custom option.  When clicked fill in the Start Date as 1/1/2000 and the End date as 12/31/CurrentYear)
      • Last 365 Days  (Same dynamic range as above)
  • Custom Reports
    • Show all custom reports in the Report Grouping with all of the standard reports (in alpha order) with * on the end of the report.  Put a legend under the Date Range selection: * Custom Report
    • If user selects and ‘saves’ a date range that is ‘dynamic’ such as last month, make sure it will always show the Last Month date range, even x months or years in the future.
  • These tasks moved from TASK to here:
    • Custom Reports column order
      • > Report Category
      • > Report Name
      • > Report Desc
      • > Added by
      • > Edit/delete.
    • Save and display the Custom Report name on the top of the report.
    • Fix issues with column changes not getting saved on Custom Reports.
    • Remove the Report Customize button and just add those fields, including the access level, to the gear option for the report in a new section of its own.
    • –Add a new field called Report Description.
    • –When user clicks the Custom Reports option on left left show these columns:
      • > Report Category [Alpha order]
      • > Report Name [Alpha order]
      • > Report Description
      • (this section will occupy the entire center of the screen.
  • –Change Favourites to: Favorites
  • –Change Setup to read: Report Security
  • –Change Custom Report to be: Custom Reports
  • –On the Report Security align Left. Lock the Custom checkbox.
  • –Lets add a new Report for Customers called: ‘Customers (Category = New)’
  • –Add a way for a user to Customize particular things on particular reports, such as the sort order, filters, groupings, etc. and also on ALL reports a way to change the Report Name and then save.  These newly renamed reports will show up for that user in the Custom Reports section.  (All of these ideas are from how QBO allows users to change and save reports).
  • –When user is logged in with user security level lower than Admin auto HIDE the Setup button.
  • –When the Setup button is clicked show all reports in the section to the right with these columns.
    • Report Name
    • Report Category
    • Access Level
    • Sort Order
    • Custom (Checkbox)  (If the Reports table, CompanyID = anything besides the word ‘ALL’.  (This would be LOCKED to all users.
  • Make it so when companys view the Reports NavBar option it only shows reports where the Reports>Company ID = ALL or their own Company ID.
  • Create a way to make the Frequently Run show the most viewed report (For that user) on the top of the list, then 2nd most viewed 2nd on the list, etc… and NOT show any reports on the run that have never been run.
  • Fix the Favorites tab as well.

Reports Screen Design


This screen will display reports.


  • Standard Reports: These are the default reports that all customers get when they buy OneSource.  These can be made to appear (or disappear
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Reports

Report Category selection

  • Report categories will be listed on the far left side of the screen, kind of like how we select various Settings.
  • The categories will be in 2 sections.
    • The top section will show:
      • My favorites

Report Criteria selection

  • Custom date range selection.
  • From Date
  • To Date
  • Filter 1
  • Filter 2
  • Filter 3
  • Filter 4
  • Filter 5

Report selection

  • Show the list of reports for the user to click on to view.
  • Make it obvious to the user when hoovering over the report that it is a link.
  • All reports that this user is allowed to see (depending on report security settings) will appear on this list (including all standard reports, customized reports, and custom reports).
  • Allow reports to be selected (without auto running the report)
  • Add a Run button in the bottom left corner.  (Do not run the selected report until the user clicks this button).
  • Add a button to the right of the Run button called Add to Favorites (
    • When the user selects a report, if it IS NOT already a ‘Favorite’ make the Add to Favorites button appear.
    • When the user selects a report, if it IS already a ‘Favorite’ make the Add to Favorites button text change to Remove from favorites.
  • Add a button (right) of the report list box called Setup that is disabled for ALL user TYPES except Accounting and Admin.  When the Setup button is clicked open up a screen to setup the report security, etc.

Report display



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