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screenSpec: Gear > About Screen – OneSource: Inventory for QuickBooks Online screenSpec: Gear > About Screen – OneSource: Inventory for QuickBooks Online

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screenSpec: Gear > About Screen

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  • The About screen is designed to give the user various types of helpful information (relevant to their login rights).
  • The About screen is a pop-up screen opened from the Home screen > Gear icon.

Elements of the About screen if the logged in user is in any other group.

  • Left side:
    • OneSource icon.
    • www.onesourcesoftware.com
    • support@onesourcesoftware.com
  • Right side (Top) (Title of section: OneSource Version Info)
    • OneSource Version: yy.mmdd
    • Logged in User:
    • Company Name:
    • Number of Licensed Users:
    • Number of Records:
      • (Note: This will display the TOTAL count the number of records–FOR THAT COMPANY–in all of the main tables (which we will refer to as the ‘Primary’ tables) combined (such as Customers, Vendors, Jobs, Tasks, Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices (Credit Memo’s), Items, Purchase Orders, etc).  Primary Tables should be any table that tends to get a lot of records.
  • Right side (Bottom) (Title of section: System Info)
    • Browser Name:
    • Browser Version:
    • Device Type:
    • Device Operating System:
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