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Inventory – Stock Transfers – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management Inventory – Stock Transfers – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management

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Inventory – Stock Transfers

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Overview of the In House Stock Transfers screen

  • General Purpose: If your company has more than 1 location (or need to track and sell inventory from more than 1 warehouse), for time to time, you will probably need to transfer inventory from 1 location to another. The Inhouse Stock Transfer screen is designed to help you perform this function.
  • Basic Functions:
    • You can view all inventory that you currently have in stock, listed in alphabetical order by item number, by shipment (received PO).
      • You can see ALL stock levels, of all items, including the warehouse you want to transfer items to.
    • You can search for items 1 at a time using the drop-down list above the Item Number column.
    • After entering the warehouse you want to transfer the item to (at the top of the screen), you simply enter the quantity that you want to transfer (from each individual shipment) and then press the Enter key. This makes the following changes:
      • Reduces the quantity transferred (from the shipment you transferred items from).
      • Note: You can see the change in the shipment and the newly created  (which you can see on the Inventory Management screen).

Step By Step Process to Select and Move Items To an Overstock Warehouse (without using a scanner)

  • Receive & Reconcile PO
    • Items Arrive (in the Main Warehouse)
    • Print out the Purchase Order Receiving Form – Multi-Warehouse (which also shows # items per location, etc).
    • Unload the truck and stage parts in whichever method you desire.
    • Reconcile the # of Parts Received (using the Purchase Order Receiving Form – Multi-Warehouse form)
  • Segregate and Put Away Items
    • Item by Item determines how many will be put away (in the Main house) and how many will be transferred to the overstock warehouse.
    • Stage the items to be transferred in a different spot on the loading dock and handwrite the # that will be transferred on the Purchase Order Receiving Form – Multi-Warehouse form.
    • Put away the items to stay in the Main warehouse.
    • (Optional – if you want to track Bin Locations in Main Warehouse)
      • Put away each part in the Location listed on the Purchase Order Receiving Form – Multi-Warehouse.
      • Handwrite the location for any parts that are put in a location other than the default location shown on the form.
  • Receive & Transfer the Items IN OneSource.
    • Open the Purchase Order in OneSource
      • (Optional – If you want to track Bin Locations in the Main Warehouse).
        • Click Functions > 9 (Auto-create 1 PO line…) and then click OK.  (This will auto-fill the default bin location on all PO line items).
        • If any items have been put into bins that are NOT the default bin location then hand type those different locations on the PO line item.  (Note: Next to the Amount field press the 2 buttons to show the 2nd line for each line item.  Enter the different bin location for all items that were placed in locations other than the default).
      •  Click the Receive button to receive ALL items on PO into stock.
      • Adjust any items where the Qty Received is different than the Qty Ordered.
    • Open the Shipping/Receiving screen
      • Click InHouse Stock Transfer button.  With the paper Purchase Order Receiving Form – Multi-Warehouse form in hand (that has the handwritten quantities to transfer) hand type the quantities for each item that you plan to transfer.
      • Close the InHouse Stock Transfer screen, (which will put you back on the Shipping/Receiving screen) .
      • Select ANY of the items that will be transferred and then click the Select All Tran# button.  (This will select all related items for that transfer #).
      • Then click the Print button.  (This will change the Status to To Pick)
      • Then on the (same) Shipping/Receiving screen – select ANY of the items that will be transferred and then click the Select All Tran# button and then click the Ship button.  (This will change the status to In Route)
    • Make a photocopy of the Purchase Order Receiving Form – Multi-Warehouse to send to the Overstock Warehouse with the driver.
  • Physically transfer the Items to the Overstock warehouse.
    • Load the items to be transferred into the truck and deliver the parts to the overstock warehouse.
    • Unload the parts you have transferred and put the items away.
    • (OPTIONAL) Handwrite the bin locations that you put the items in so you can update the bin location for each item.
  • Receive the Items In OneSource (in the Overstock warehouse)
    • Open the Shipping/Receiving screen (make sure you have the (Overstock) warehouse selected in the top right corner).
    • (OPTIONAL) Hand enter the Bin # in the Bin # field for each item you put away.
    • Select ANY of the items that have been transferred and then click the Select All Tran# button.  Then click the Receive button.
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