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Field Mapping–Suppliers & Vendors – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management Field Mapping–Suppliers & Vendors – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management

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Field Mapping–Suppliers & Vendors

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This document explains each column in the @OSImport_SupplierList_Template.xls file.  The @OSImport_SupplierList_Template.xls file is the file used by you (and your OneSource Data Conversion Manager) to properly map and identify each field of data that you plan to import into OneSource.  For additional help with this document please contact your OneSource Data Conversion Manager at 866-204-4997.

Field Mapping Spreadsheet

Column Name

OneSource Field Type Field Length or Numeric Range Sample value Default Value

Additional Notes


Supplier Number

Text 50 Value Supply   *** REQUIRED *** No duplicate values allowed. Each Supplier Number must be unique.  Cannot have any Suppliers Numbers with “ or * characters.
Active Yes/No   Yes, No

True, False

-1, 0


*** IMPORTANT *** The sample values displayed to the left are the ONLY valid values for ANY YES/NO field.

Supplier Vendor Name

Text 50 ABC Supply    

Supplier or Vendor

Text 1 Supplier 1

1 =  Supplier; 2 = Vendor

Supplier/Vendor Type Text 20 Supplier Supplier

Descriptive text to categorize the type of Supplier / Vendor.


Text 50 Mr.    

First Name

Text 50 Matt    

Last Name

Text 50 Jones

Title Text 50


Address 1 Text 255

123 North St


Address 2

Text 50      


Text 50

Los Angeles

State/Province Text 25




Text NA Southwest    

Zip/Postal Code

Number 75 92888    
Country Text 50


City, State, Zip Combined Text NA

Los Angeles, CA, 92888


Remit to Company                Name

Text 255 ABC Supply – Corporate Office   REMIT TO Address fields are printed on the Checks.  If not filled in, the import technician will auto fill them with the standard address information above.
Remit to First Name Text 255 Mark


Remit to Last name

Text 255 Smith    

Remit to Address 1

Text 255 123 South St    
Remit to Address 2 Text 255

Remit to City Text 255

Newport Beach


Remit to State/Province

Text 255 CA    

Remit to Zip/ Postal Code

Text 255 92860    
Remit to Country Text 255


Phone Number NA




Number NA 8005551212    
Account Number Text 50 123456  

This is your assigned account number from the Supplier or Vendor.

SIC Code

Number Long Integer 1234   This is the Standard Industry Code. It describes the industry in which the Supplier or Vendor is associated.
Products and Services Text 255    

Short description of the products and services provided by this Supplier or Vendor.  Handy for the search for Suppliers or Vendors by keyword.

Web Site

Text 100 www.abccompany.com    

Payment Terms

Text 50 1% 10 Net 30    
Credit Limit Currency NA


Minimum Order to Receive Discount Currency NA $500.00  

The minimum order amount prescribed by the Supplier.

Minimum Order Notes

Text 255 Orders less than $500 subject to freight + $50 surcharge.   Descriptive notes that describe the Minimum Order to Receive the Discount field.

Federal Tax ID

Number 20 F123456    
State Tax ID Number 20


Shipped Via text 50 UPS  

Date Added

Date NA 08/01/07 Date of Import  

Date Edited

Date NA


1099 Yes/No   Yes, No

True, False

-1, 0


Does this vendor need 1099 at the end of the Fiscal Year?

1099 Line

Number Integer S123456   (OPTIONAL) *** SPECIFIC VALUES REQUIRED *** If you desire to print 1099’s out of OneSource and you desire to import this data, please make sure the appropriate # is identified in each row, by following the # legend provided in this list: 1=Rents; 2=Royalties; 3=Other income; 5=Fishing boat; 6=Medical; 7=Nonemployee; 8=Substitute; 10=Crop insurance; 13=” Golden Parachute”; 14=Attorney
Notes Text 255    

Any Notes that pertain to Supplier


Default GL Account

Text 50 123456    
Default GL Discount Account Text 50



*** NOTE: Rows highlighted in Yellow may require unique/key values from another table.  For example, a GL account field will require the unique ID of the account stored in the Chart of Accounts field.  In this example, if your Chart of Accounts is being imported as well we may be able to translate the Account # with the unique GL Account ID.  On the other hand, again using this example, if the Chart of Accounts were entered by hand in OneSource and the Account Number assigned to each account number is different than those identified in the GL Account row in this sheet, such as the Default Expense Account, you will need to determine the Unique GL Account ID and enter the ID by hand into the column in the exported data before sending to OneSource for the data conversion.

*** NOTE: In order to provide the most user friendly Field/Column names, the Field Mapping Spreadsheet Column Names do not always match with the actual table field names in OneSource.  ***

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