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Field Mapping–Open Purchase Orders – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management Field Mapping–Open Purchase Orders – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management

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Field Mapping–Open Purchase Orders

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This document explains each column in the @OSImport_PurchaseOrderHistory_Template.xls file.  The @OSImport_PurchaseOrderHistory_Template.xls file is the file used by you (and your OneSource Data Conversion Manager) to properly map and identify each field of data that you plan to import into OneSource.  For additional help with this document please contact your OneSource Data Conversion Manager at 866-204-4997.

Field Mapping Spreadsheet

Column Name

OneSource Field Type Field Length or Numeric Range Sample value Default Value Additional Notes
PO Number Text 50 P334433-1  

*** REQUIRED *** This is the Primary Key. This field must contain a unique value and cannot be left blank.

Supplier Number

Text 50 S23456  

*** REQUIRED *** This is the Supplier Number that will be imported from your legacy system or a newly created Supplier Number in your OneSource Pilot database.

Bill To Company Warehouse

Text 15 CorpWarehouse  

*** NOTE *** When you create a ‘warehouse’ in OneSource a ‘Location Number’ is created and stored in the Shipping Locations table.  The appropriate Location Number needs to be entered here.

Ship To Company Warehouse (or Customer Number)

Text 15 Warehouse10   *** NOTE *** If the Ship To location is a company ‘warehouse’ – please see the note above.  If the PO was drop shipped to a customer the Customer Number will need to be entered here AND the Drop Shipped? a field for that record will need to marked as Yes.
Drop Shipped? Yes/No Yes or No

-1 or 0

1 No

*** NOTE *** If the PO was dropped shipped to a Customer, this

PO Date

Date N/A 8/1/06   *** REQUIRED ***
Quantity Ordered Number (very large decimal) 12 0

Quantity Received

Number (very large decimal) 12 0 *** REQUIRED ***

Item Number

Text 50 TestItem  

*** REQUIRED ***

Supplier Item Number Text 50 SupTestItem  

Item Description

Text 255 This item is a very good item.    
Unit Cost Currency 15 $20.00 0

*** REQUIRED ***

Date Item Expected

Date 15 8/2/06    

Date Item Received

Date 8/2/06 8/2/06    
Freight Currency 15


Payment Terms Text 50

Company Check


Ship Via

Text 50 Common Carrier    

Reference Number

Text 50 X834HG337  

If any other special reference numbers are associated with the PO record, this field can accommodate this information.

Manufacturer Text 50 Yang Ming  

Container Number

Text 50 4455887XMC8    
Country of Origin Text 50 Japan


*** NOTE: In order to provide the most user friendly Field/Column names, the Field Mapping Spreadsheet Column Names do not always match with the actual table field names in OneSource.  ***

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