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Customers & Prospets – Add New – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management Customers & Prospets – Add New – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management

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Customers & Prospets – Add New

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How to open the Add New Customer or Prospect screen

  • Shortcut Key: Ctrl + F3, or
  • Menu: Contacts Add New Customer or Prospect, or
  • Drop down list: When typing in a Bill To or Ship To Customer name (on any of the Sales screens–that is not already in the list), click Yes when prompted to add a new Customer record.

Add New Customer or Prospect screen – Explanation of Fields

  • Customer Number: This is the unique number assigned to the Customer record you are adding.
  • Address Type: Because OneSource provides a way to create and manage a separate ‘record’ for each company (including the details of each separate location that you want to track) you need to clarify (to yourself and to the OneSource program) what Address Type each company is. The Address Types include:
    • Bill To address.  This company name will be displayed ONLY in all transaction Bill To company name selection fields.
    • Ship To address. This company name will be displayed ONLY in all transaction Ship To company name selection fields.
    • Both address type will be displayed in Both Ship To and Bill To company name selection fields.  In other words, the address on the company record is BOTH the Bill To and the Ship to Address for the Customer.
    • Quote Only address (Note: If desired, you can change the ‘Address Type’ field for Prospects to ‘Quote Only’ to prevent Prospects from being added to Orders.  Doing this will only allow you to create Quotations for these customers while you run credit checks etc.  Quote Only customers will not show up on the Customer drop-down lists for Sales Orders, Invoices, or Credit Memos).
      Linking Ship To Addresses to Bill To Addresses

      All companies with an Address Type = Ship To need to be ‘linked’ to a company with an address type of Bill To or Both.  This can be accomplished in 2 ways:
      .  When you are on a transaction screen, like the QPC or Sales Order, if you have already selected a Bill To address and then type a NEW Ship To address (meaning you enter one that is not already in the drop-down list), OneSource will automatically LINK that Ship To address to the Bill To address you have already selected.
      2–Manually.  If at any time you want to change or re-link a Ship To address to a different Bill To address, you can do this looking up the Ship To company (F3) and then changing the Bill To company to the company of your choice.  (Note: The company you choose has to have an Address Type = Bill To, or Both).

  • Auto Fill Profile: If your company routinely adds a lot of the same types of customers or prospects it may make sense to set up 1 or more Auto Fill Profiles (in the Company Setup & Preferences screen Customers tab).  Then each time a new record is added you can choose from one of the optional Auto Fill Profiles to automatically fill in many of the important fields for you.
  • Primary Contact – First Name
  • Primary Contact – Last Name
  • Phone / Ext
  • Fax Number
  • Title
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Zip
  • Region:
  • Country
  • Org Type: You can use this field to categorize your Customers and Prospects.
  • Org Sub Type: You can use this field to sub-categorize your Customers and Prospects.
  • Company Email Address: Each individual ‘contact’ can have its own e-mail address. However, this e-mail address can be used for a general company e-mail address.
  • Company Web Site
  • Shipped Via: This is the shipping method that will be automatically inserted in the Shipped Via field on Sales Transactions.
    • You can modify the values on this list in the Company Setup & Preferences – Drop Down Lists tab.
  • Default Warehouse: If your company manages and ships inventory out of more than 1 warehouse, you can use this field to automate the selection of the best warehouse to ship items out of for the customer.
  • Salesperson: This is the user name that will always auto fill in the Salesperson name field on Sales Transactions.
    • Salespeople are OneSource users set up on the User Security screen with the Salesperson check-box checked
  • Sales Tax:
    • You can modify the values on this list in the Company Setup & Preferences – Drop Down Lists tab.
  • Tax Exempt No: If your customer resells the items you sell to them and do not want to be charged sales taxes you can enter the Sales Tax Exemption number in this field.
  • Fed Tax ID:
  • Tax Exempt:
  • Default Pricing:
  • Custom Pricing Template
  • Payment Terms: The value entered here will auto-fill in the Payment Terms field each time you create a Sales Transaction.
    • You can modify the values on this list in the Company Setup & Preferences – Drop Down Lists tab.
  • Credit Limit:
  • Credit Days
  • Finance Charges

How to Delete an entire ‘Customer’ record

  • On the Customer record, click on any of the Customer name or address fields and then click the Delete button. (Note: To preserve the integrity of the database, you cannot delete any customer record that  has been used on any of the Sales screens).It will not let you delete a customer if they have any customer records such as Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, or Credit Memos.  In this case, you may choose to mark the customer as Inactive.

How do I make a customer Inactive

  •  Open the Customer & Prospects Form for the customer you desire to mark as inactive.
  • Uncheck the Active Check box in the upper right hand corner.  (Make sure that you have the form in the edit mode by clicking the edit button at the bottom of the form.)
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