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Banking – Check Reconciliation – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management Banking – Check Reconciliation – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management

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Banking – Check Reconciliation

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The Check Reconciliation screen provides a way to reconcile any of your OneSource Bank accounts.

How to Perform a Bank Reconciliation using the Check Reconciliation screen – Step by Step

  • Open the Check Reconciliation screen: Click Banking > Check Reconciliation
  • Starting by printing out all Bank Statements that have NOT been reconciled in OneSource and start with the OLDEST un-reconciled Bank Statement.
  • Enter the Ending Balance (from the Bank Statement) into the Bank Balance field (in the top right corner of the Check Reconciliation screen).
  • Enter the Reconciliation Date as well.
  • Select whichever ‘Order By’ sorting option most closely matches the order of the items on the Bank Statement.
  • Click the clr checkbox next to each item you find on the list (in OneSource) that is also on the list of items on the printed Bank Statement.  (Put a check mark next to that same item on the printed Bank Statement).
  • Continue finding and checking the items in both places until you have located all of the items on the printed Bank Statement.
  • Make any adjustments to your banking transactions in OneSource as needed (in case you find items on the printed Bank Statement that are either different or not in OneSource).
  • Notes:
    • You can click the Print button to see a list of the transactions in OneSource.
    • You can click the Leave button if you want to close the screen BEFORE you are finished reconciling.
    • You can click the Help button to quickly locate THIS KBA.
  • Click the Reconcile button when you are ready to permanently put a ‘Clear’ checkbox next to all of the transactions that you want to mark as Cleared.
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