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4 — How to use the OneSource Knowledge Base ( kba system ) – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management 4 — How to use the OneSource Knowledge Base ( kba system ) – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management

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4 — How to use the OneSource Knowledge Base ( kba system )

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How to find the OneSource Knowledge Base Articles (KBA‘s) System

If you are reading this you must have found the system, but maybe it was from a link to a particular article sent to you via email.  The following is a list of ways to open the KBA system:

  • Open a browser and type: kb.onesourcesoftware.com
  • Or, type www.onesourcesoftware.com/support/kb
  • Or, click on the Help button on almost any OneSource screen
  • Or, from the OneSource Support Request System, click on the Knowledgebase button on the home screen.

How the KBA system is organized

The OneSource KBA system is broken down into 3 main folders, which are:

  • Getting Ready to GoLive with OneSource
    • This folder is intended to help you get up and running on OneSource–to help you GoLive.  It has subfolders centered around hardware preparation, data conversion, training, etc
  • How to Use OneSource
    • This folder is more geared around getting help–1 screen at a time–on particular screens or modules.
    • This folder is organized by the recommended ‘order’ that you set up and use OneSource.  For instance, since General Ledger accounts are using in Supplier records, Inventory Item records, on A/P Bills, etc we recommend setting up your Chart of Accounts first–thus this section is first.  If you will try to set up and use OneSource in the order that they are in it will make it much easier to learn and use OneSource.
  • OneSource System Administration
    • This folder has various topics that will help your company’s system administrator manage OneSource and other related topics.


How to Find KBA Articles (methods)

  • On-Screen Help Button: When you are on a screen in OneSource that you need help with, click the Help button.  This will typically take you directly to a KBA for that screen.
  • Navigate Help Folders/Articles: Click on the various Folders on the left side of the KBA system to see if you can drill down to a short list of KBAs that may have the answer to your question.
  • Use the Search box with Keywords: In the top right corner, there is a search button. Like many search engines, you can type words, or phrases with quote marks around the phrase, or use other operators to refine your search.  To learn more about how to search the KBA using these operators see: How to Search for KBAs – Search Tips and Tricks
  • Use the Search box with Article #: If you are ever given a KBA # to search, you can just type the Article # in the search box and press enter to locate it.

Other Tips and Tricks

Viewing Glossary terms on the fly: Many words or phrases have a faint underline under them.  When you hover your mouse over those words you will see a pop-up explanation of that word or phrase from the KBA system Glossary.

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