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1 — How to use Google Drive ( Google Docs ) – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management 1 — How to use Google Drive ( Google Docs ) – OneSource : QuickBooks Online Inventory Management

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1 — How to use Google Drive ( Google Docs )

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How to open and sign IN to Google Drive ( Google Docs ) and Google Calendar

  • Open your browser (preferably Google Chrome)
  • Type: docs.google.com OR drive.google.com
  • Signing in:
    • If you are NOT already signed in you will immediately see a sign-in screen.
    • If you ARE already signed in you see the word DRIVE in the upper left hand corner with links on the left called:
      • My Drive
      • Shared with Me
      • Starred
      • Recent
      • etc…

How to sign OUT of Google Drive

Click on your picture (or a placeholder to your picture) in the top right hand corner and then select Sign Out.

How to Find a document in Google Drive (such as your GoLive Checklist)

After opening Google Drive you can either:

  • Type one or more keywords you can think of from the document title or body and then press enter.  Then a list of documents will appear in the center pane that contain those words.
  • You can also click on the Shared With Me folder to the left and then look for the GoLive Checklist in the list of documents in the center of your screen


How to Edit a document in Google Drive

  • Just type whatever changes you want to make.  All changes are saved in real time. (There is no ‘Save’ button because all text is saved instantly).

How to Add a document in Google Drive

  • Click the Create button on the top left of the screen, then click Document.
  • To give the document a name click on the document Title and it will become editable.


How to Delete a document in Google Drive

  • Open up Google Drive and locate the document you want to delete (without clicking on it to open it).
  • Click the checkbox to the left of the Document and then click on the Trash Can icon.


How to View Google Drive docs on your tablet or cell phone

  • Download, install and log into the Google Drive app.

How to Open Google Calendar


How to schedule a meeting on Google Calendar


How to Share a Google Calendar

  • On the left side bar find the “My calendars” dropdown.
  • Click on the desired calendar.
  • Now select the drop-down arrow (for that Calendar) and select “share this calendar”.
  • Fill out the fields and settings as desired.  (Be sure to enter an email address for each person you want to share the calendar with).  Note: It is best to ask the user which email address they used to set up their Google account.


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